Name: Paul Donovan 564713_219589701574568_703326435_n

Owner, Coach, CrossFit Fairmount

Nickname(s): Goose

Hometown: Born and raised Dublin, Ireland

Education: Architect

Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Kids, CPR

Lived in England, France, Germany, New Zealand, US

Favorite WODs/Moves: They are all so good

I got hooked on CrossFit working outside at Penns Landing.  I went with Wil and Eric to CrossFit South Philly and that was a life-changing experience.  After 3 years working with Wil, and with his encouragement, I opened CrossFit Fairmount in 2013.

I could not have imagined how much it would grow over the years, how wonderful our community would be, and how thankful I am for being able to turn this dream into reality.


Name: Gavin Young

Coach GavinNickname(s): Gav, G$, Hobo, Jesus, Goldilocks

Hometown: Glenside, PA

Favorite WODs/Moves: Fight Gone Bad, Nate, Grace, Karen, 14.2 and anything with OHS

Least Favorite WODs/Moves: 14.5 and 15.5…brutal

Cert: CF- Level One

I first got introduced to Crossfit in 2012 by my brother, Matt. I wasn’t much of an athlete growing up and the idea of joining a fitness routine was not interesting to me…then I saw him flip up on his hands and start doing hand-stand pushups. At that that point I was definitely a little intrigued.

I went to my first CF class while living in Chicago and I got absolutely worked. I was easily the slowest and weakest person in the room but I loved the feeling I got after the WOD and was hooked pretty much instantly. I kept that mindset going everyday…never really writing down my results but just being happy with how I felt. I was completely content bringing up the caboose in every WOD for the first few months. It wasn’t until we retested our Jackie times one day that I got to see how things had changed. I had shaved nearly 3 minutes off my previous time…it was the first time I visibly noticed I was improving.

In the 3 years since I started doing CrossFit I’ve seen my overall fitness change drastically for the better. I’ve seen my lifts go up, my times go down and I’ve picked up certain techniques I thought I’d never be able to achieve.  Around the winter of 2014 I relocated from Chicago back to Philadelphia and that’s when I found CFF. The culture at Paul’s gym was equal parts competitive and supportive and in a lot of ways was exactly what I was looking for. CrossFit competitions became part of the story, giving a perspective of exactly how large and thriving a community that CrossFit had become.

After receiving my lvl-1 cert, I got the opportunity to start teaching… which allowed me to help other people achieve their own goals and that’s been wholly rewarding. Seeing the positive changes in myself and other people at CFF is a big reason I keep coming back….and despite what other people at the gym may think I swear I actually do have a home.


IMG_8160Name: Eric Goren

Goose’s Nickname for me: Doc

Favorite movement: BURPEES ARE HEAVEN!- (that’s going on my gravestone)

Favorite WODs- Cindy, Murph

Least favorite movement- Wallballs aka Tallballs or anything else that reminds me I’m vertically challenged and literally large headed. Oh and overhead squats or anything else that lands me on my tush.

Level 1 certification and medical degree

Me and Crossfit Fairmount:

In my day job, I spend considerable time dealing with the consequences of inactivity in others. From back pain to knee pain to depression, so much of what I try to “fix” can be cured or more importantly could have been prevented by exercise and healthy diet.

What I see at work has only added to the drive to stay fit and active that my grandfather inspired in me as a kid. My grandfather was a red headed immigrant boxer who was never the biggest guy in the ring but always the most driven and dedicated outside of it. I can remember doing push ups with him when he was 80 and I was 8. He was also the first one to show me how to use a barbell and a jump rope.

After working out with my grandfather, I generally avoided working out as a part of a group. I’m more of a workout loner or more precisely a loner in general. So I was really skeptical about joining up at CF Fairmount. I’m also always skeptical about any program that claims to make you healthy and fit. It’s never that easy.

But over the last 18 months, I’ve enjoyed every CF workout I’ve done at the box. The people and the programming are unmatched. And I’m in the best shape of my life.

Since I spend so much of my time trying to help other people stay healthy. And the other part of my time teaching students, joining as a trainer seemed like a perfect fit. It’s already been rewarding helping people get and stay fit in such a direct way.