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We’re quickly approaching April and what better time than now to make a positive change in your life? Curious about CrossFit and want to come check it out? Give us a call or email and schedule a time to stop on by. New season, new you.

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Fall Promotion at CF Fairmount

Fall Promotion at CF Fairmount

On Ramp will teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit, introduce you to functional movements you’ll perform in class, and prepare you to become a fully-fledged member.  On Ramp consists of 6 introductory classes spread out over a two week period.  After you finish On-Ramp, enjoy 2 weeks of CrossFit classes on us!

Contact us today to schedule your first On-Ramp session:


Telephone (267) 560-7149

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Setting PRs and Winter Goals

Cross-training gym with a barbell and weights ready for a workout

So it’s Fall and as it transitions into Winter you want to achieve some goals. What is a goal? What do you want to gain from achieving your goals? Have you mapped out the road to the end result or are you still looking for direction?  There is a lot of confusing information on the web and a lot of great resources, but how do you sift through the junk and find a plan that works for you?  Maybe you want to set new lifting PRs or you want to get the seemingly mythical *muscle-up*, well, you can! Thankfully, we’re here to help.  Let’s talk!

See you at the box!  Let’s do this!

October Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Kendall for being named CFF Athlete of the Month! Get to know another face around the gym!
























Name: Kendall Likes

Nickname: Kenny

Where are you from? Raised in Maryland, born in California… I sing Phantom Planet every time I go back to visit.

Occupation? Currently working on my Masters of Medical Science at Drexel College of Medicine.

Favorite movie: Mulan or Top Gun. Or anything with Will Ferrell.

Favorite music or artist: Eric Church and most country music, also really into Top 20 jams

Favorite book: Obsessed with the Harry Potter series. The Goblet of Fire was my favorite!

Favorite food: “Peanut butter is the glue that holds us together” I think Ninja said that. Oh, and coffee is its own food group! Buffalo chicken pizza and birthday cake ice cream are also favorites.
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September Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Robert on being named CFFs Athlete of the Month for September! Get to know another face around the box.



Name:  Robert Cheetham

Nickname: Bike

Where are you from?  I mostly grew up in Michigan; I came to Philadelphia from Japan to attend graduate school. I’ve lived in Philadelphia since 1994.

Occupation?  CEO of Azavea, a software company that builds geographic visualization tools

Favorite movie:  Burmese Harp, Love Actually, Amelie, Slumdog Millionaire, Good Night & Good Luck, Star Trek, Lone Star, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Lost in Translation

Favorite music or artist:  Anything Doc likes.

Favorite or current book: Oh boy. So many books. The Power of One, American Gods, Three Body Problem, Flourish, Origins of Political Order, Unbroken, Mindset, Wool, Monsoon, The Kite Runner, Dune, Team of Rivals, John Adams, Shantaram, Cryptonomicon, Three Cups of Tea, Innovators Dilemma, Cloud Atlas, anything by Alistair Reynolds or Peter Hamilton

Favorite food: Chocolate, fruit
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August Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Kris on being named CFF Athlete of the Month for August! Get to know another face around the gym.



Name: Kristin Grandzol (formerly, Smith)

Nickname: Smithers

Where are you from? Garnet Valley PA.

Occupation? Medical Device Sales Rep. I specialize in Spine fusion devices.

Favorite movie:  The Grand Budapest Hotel (or anything by Wes Anderson), or Pulp Fiction (or anything by Quentin Taratino)! I love pretty much all of their work!

Favorite music or artist: I love singer/ song writers. Especially Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros. Although the band broke up due to a lovers quarrel : (

Favorite or current book: Favorite book is, The Red Tent is my fav , and I currently Im reading the Game of Thrones books #withdrawl

Favorite food: PASTA or a Chick fil a sandwich.
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