FAQ: On Ramp

CrossFit Fairmount On Ramp

What is On Ramp?

On Ramp is designed to teach you the basic movements you’ll see during a CrossFit class.  The functional and strength-based movements will prepare you for anything you may encounter in a workout and daily life.   You will acquire the basic knowledge and mechanics necessary to excel in our normal CrossFit programming.  Your patience and persistence will greatly benefit your overall success in CrossFit and give you the confidence and know-how to achieve fantastic results.

There’s a series of six, one-hour classes spanning over a two-week period.  Click here for full details about On Ramp at CrossFit Fairmount.

Why do I need it?

Every member has gone through some sort of On Ramp.  Your success in CrossFit greatly depends on your foundation and understanding of the movements you will see in each class.  Correctly learning these movements will greatly enhance your workout experience.  CrossFit is infinitely scalable and can benefit and cater to any type of fitness level so long as the basics are under your belt.

When is On Ramp offered?

We’re glad you asked.  Check out our Calendar for the On Ramp schedule.  Generally, On Ramp is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 7:00 AM and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 8:30 PM.

What happens after On Ramp?

Once you have successfully completed all six sessions, you can attend classes as a full-fledged CrossFit member!  You will continually receive coaching throughout your time with us.

If you have prior CrossFit experience or wish to make inquiries about Accelerated On Ramp, please Contact Us.