WOD 3/13/17

FGB Style WOD – Five Stations /1:00 per station – 1:00 RestBurpee Pull-Up

AbMat Sit-up

Push Press (#75/#55)

Wall Ball (#20/#14)

Box Jump (24”/20”)

4 Rounds

DL 5 x 2 E3M

WOD 10/24/16

Partner WOD


Ha, kidding, not this kind of partner workout

5×5 Overhead Squat E3M


P1: 250m Row

P2: Wall Balls 20/14

P3: Slam Balls 30/20

Add P2 and P3 scores for final count

Lately At The Box…

Hey guys!

We’ve been having a fantastic Summer at CrossFit Fairmount! New classes have been added, Barbell Club continues to be a huge success, On-Rampers flowing through, gut-busting partner workouts, new PRs, training for competitions, and some amazing personal achievements all around.

On the 4th of July we put together a fun little partner WOD.  Have you ever wanted to flip tires, toss around Atlas Stones, or test your might on sled pulls?  Well, we gotta bunch of folks out doing just that and we have plenty more up our sleeves for the rest of the summer.





IMG_2235 (1)

The BEACH WOD, scheduled for July 23rd, is still on the calendar and we cannot wait! Pack your sunscreen and protein shakes, my friends.  This is for members only, so check out Facebook for more details.

COMPETITIONS on the horizon for a bunch of members!  Don’t forget to submit your pictures to us!  Good luck and see you there (talking to all y’all going to the Brawl this Saturday).

DROP-INS are especially encouraged to break a sweat with us and see what CrossFit Fairmount is like.  $20 or buy a t-shirt!

STAY CONNECTED to our Facebook and Instagram for updates…


WOD 4/11/16

Romanian Dead Lifts

5×2 E3M


5 Rounds for Time:

12 Hang Power Snatches 95/65

10 Overhead Squats


Toes To Bar Tabata


Now let’s watch Klokov move some weight:


WOD 4/9/16

WOD 4/9/16

3 Rounds for Time:

400m Run

12 Power Snatches 115/75

12 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups


1 x 20 (unbroken)  OHS

Choose a weight that is challenging, but you can attempt one unbroken set of 20.