Getting Started

On Ramp

New to CrossFit? Our On Ramp series is where you will want to start!

On Ramp consists of a series of six ‘1 hour’ classes spread out over a 2 week period. These are small, core group classes (only 6 students per class) allowing us to ensure each individual receives adequate attention to help them build their skills and confidence. On Ramp will teach students the basic movements of CrossFit and includes a beginner’s WOD to help athletes transition into a CrossFit program.

The successful completion of  On Ramp is required for participation in CrossFit classes.

The On Ramp series is offered at 7 am and 8 pm. Check our calendar and contact us to find out when the next On Ramp begins!

Read our On Ramp FAQ 



Accelerated On Ramp

Can’t make it to the two week On Ramp? We also offer an accelerated version broken into 4 one-to-one sessions with a trainer. Students receive the same set of skills taught in the traditional On Ramp classes. Training times are scheduled between the individual and trainer.


*If an On Ramp class is missed, students must make up the class for an additional fee.


Experienced CrossFitter?

If you have prior CrossFit experience you may be eligible for an assessment with a trainer. Contact us at to schedule an appointment. There is a $25 charge for assessment.